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Control and issue reminders for work breaks
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Organize a system of reminders to take frequent breaks from the PC. Create a custom schedule and adjust the periods between each message according to personal preferences. Specify short-term and long-term message display, notification sounds, texts, etc.

Eyes relax is an application that could turn out to be your best friend at work. I know for a fact that spending too much time in front of a computer can be terribly harmful for your health. But, oh well, somebody has to do it. It would be nice to schedule some breaks, just to stretch your legs, and what not. Eyes relax does just that. It allows you to schedule breaks so that your eyes are not strained by the constant beating they take by focusing on something for a prolonged period of time. You can schedule the duration of your work time and your breaks. During the latter, you could look at distant objects, to rest your eyes. Or you could start seeing double, which is not fun. Eye relax has a parent mode, which is well-thought. The parent will set the time for his/her kid's work. Also for the breaks. When the breaks are due, the kid will not be able to use to computer. I wish I was forced to take breaks and not be able to do a thing while I am taking one. So, if you don't know when to take your breaks, this will definitely help out. It is also free.

José Fernández
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  • Great for computer workers
  • Parent mode is great
  • It's free


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